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Healing with the blues is a resource for healing from grief.

If you have felt

  • stuck
  • nearly constant worry
  • procrastination
  • guilt, blame, shame or dread 
  • loss of restful sleep
  • overwhelmed 
  • unable to finish tasks
  • inability to feel creative 
  • “angry mob” inner voice

This shows that there are unresolved subconscious negative feelings. 

Your body can create physical problems from buried feelings.

When we release, let go and allow healing, we can heal many challenges, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Your biggest tragedy, your deepest well of sadness can be a well of blessings, if you let it!

  • You can go from grief to grace
  • You can experience peace, freedom, creativity and joy again (maybe for the very first time)
  • You can have assistance come alongside and show you how to move through the grief and find all those blessings by going deeper and allowing the divinity you already have to come forward.
  • You can trust again.
  • And you can live a purpose-filled wonderful life!

What purpose are you going to find in that darkness?

What blessings are hiding just waiting for you to open to them? 

Let’s find out together. 

Dr. Tanya English – Soul Chiropractor

Every journey begins with the first step.

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Dr. Tanya English is an amazing healer.  Wow-what a beautiful way to re-frame something that I had labeled as a negative and beat myself up for. She also helped me to create my own cheerleader within myself that is a whispering voice of confidence that I was enough and can do what I have been placed here to do. – Karrie B.

I enjoyed my sessions with Tanya, which proved to be successful, especially with regards to the “frozen pelvis” I needed to “thaw”.  During our sessions, which were online, a lot of structural changes occurred with the pelvis and surrounding fascia. Emotionally Tanya also helped me to clear some of my deeply held anger. I love how she totally trusts The Creator of All That Is, consequently helping me in finding the root of my issues.”   Nadia S


“The ‘5 Simple Ways to Go From Grief to Relief ‘ webinar/masterclass was amazing. Having suffered from a lot of grief in the past it really put things in perspective. It’s helping me, help a friend who lost her mom just days ago.”                                                                                                                                        – Jennifer B

I was introduced to Dr. Tanya through an interview she gave with another holistic doctor with whom I was working. My experience of a stillbirth was almost identical to Tanya’s and all her suggestions, her outlook and her wisdom resonated with me. My work with Tanya has assisted me in changing my perspective on life’s events happening to me to life’s events happening for me and providing me an opportunity for growth and learning. Tanya has provided me tools to aid my spiritual growth, aid in self-forgiveness and self-love, and continue to broaden my worldview through embracing love and non judgment. I will continue to follow Dr. Tanya for support and growth through her weekly Healing with the Blues sessions.”                 –Shelly S