About Dr. Tanya English


I know this pain and this walk of blame and shame because it happened to me. It feels like there is something fundamentally wrong but there isn’t. It feels like you are deficient in some way, but you aren’t. It feels like you are making bad decisions out of fear and upset and that you’re being punished for it but you aren’t.

You are being put up to something greater. You are being refined and asked by the Universe, Source Energy, God, what you want to call it, to come to a greater awareness and to have a deeper connection with the Divine. The Divine that is already within you. And now you are being asked to discover it.

You see when I went through stillbirth and pregnancy loss, I had been doing healing with people for 10 years as a massage therapist and chiropractor. I was so curious as to how this could happen with someone who took good care of themselves and had others on my “team” to help take care of me too. And I was learning what it really meant to “lean not on one’s own understanding”.  How could I be comfortable with the mystery of why this happens? I spent the next 26 years learning ways to help others heal and go on to have healthy children and healthy lives. 

And you might ask, why Healingwiththeblues? Because I received a healing with blues music after the stillbirth of my first child. The gift waiting for me to discover years later was that I am a blues singer now with my own band and I help people heal through music!

You can discover all the gifts waiting for you for the rest of your life as you allow yourself to be around like minded people, feel a deeper connection with the source of all that is, become more stable in your intuition,  attract more supportive people into your life, more creative and experience more love.