Saying Yes to Love

So many people have a fear of saying “yes” to something for themselves. They come right up to their heart’s desire and when its time to take the step into “yes”, they back away, or even run away.

The fear of doing the “wrong” thing, or the tamping down of desires that expand us, is so strong.

And why wouldn’t it be, when we’ve been taught to not think highly of ourselves. To not toot own horn, to put ourselves last on our list of to-do’s, to never allow our passion to really energize us.

So we learn to hold back, keep quiet, and “be nice”.

The whole Universe is expanding. And its our nature to expand, too. The still-small voice inside of us is the God within, helping direct us to our highest good. It’s the connection with the Divine that we are craving and that is within us. So when we take action out of Love for it instead of backing away out of fear, how much more exciting could life be?

When we take a step in Love, we seek our heart’s desire. “Yes” is the action when the question is, “Do you want more love in your life?”.

Blessings to you,

Dr. Tanya English