Are You Being Your Authentic Self?

Do you feel safe to be who you really are?
Do you have all the support you need to move into the next phase of your life/work/purpose?
Do you know where you’re going or are you wandering around hoping to bump into something, like a Roomba vacuum, that will send you in another direction?
Is the heaviness from traumas still around you? Subconsciously? Unconsciously?

Have you had any communication with your intuitive self, your higher self, the part of you that is connected with Source Energy (God, Creator, Light)?

Are you allowing the Spirit of you to bring more into focus in your life?

Sometimes we are consumed by the busy-ness of life. We go from one project to another “making it happen” and we forget it’s time to unplug and lay on our backs and stare at the clouds as they go by.
When we give ourselves permission to do so we can also invite our spirit-helpers to come in an give assistance, bring things into focus and daydream about how it all could be fun, effective and loving.
Take some time out to look at the clouds and dream. It feeds your imagination and allows your natural creativity some room to breathe.