Perseverance through grief

My friend Tiffany shared her story of perseverance and it reminded me of how far I’ve come.

As I came through my early adult years I kept being guided to go for it. Become the doctor, nothing is stopping me! I moved to a place I’d never been, had no support system (my mother helped me from afar).

I fell in love during my first year in chiropractic college. And in one year, was married, pregnant, had to stay in college for an extra trimester, had my baby stillborn after a full term beautiful pregnancy, moved, took on two bonus-children full time, and started my chiropractic practice. WHEW! That was all the stressors!

Grief was a big part of all this change. I leaned into it and allowed myself to grieve whenever the emotion came up. I also learned ways to move through grief that were uplifting, centering and accepting of myself and others. 

I kept putting one foot in front of the other, desiring to help people in the deepest, fastest, most gentle way possible. And on the way, healing myself and letting others assist in that healing too! Finding joy in setbacks and obstacles can be a challenge but they are there. Seek and you’ll find!

Now all children are grown, having their own. I’ve been doing energy healing, chiropractic, leading my blues band onto bigger stages and creating with Source, the life I have always wanted! Are there struggles, of course. That’s where the juice is! Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder of our paths.

You have your own path. It’s so much less work/energy to just be responsible for yourself instead of thinking you have correct or control/manage the people in your life. You can be curious about yourself and notice without judging and soon you will realize that loving yourself more spills over to everyone else.

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When healing new wounds, old wounds can be healed too!